Regional Financial Guidelines/Policies

CEIU BC/Yukon Region

Financial Guidelines/Policies

(Updated February, 2016)


1.1 All claims to be sent to the regional union office within 30 days of event/activity. Pre-approval to extend this time frame may be granted for special circumstances. Failure to comply with the time frames may result in a claim not being paid.


1.2 All requests for advances must be sent to the regional union office least two weeks prior to the start of the event/activity


1.3 All claims must include a written report of the event including the date, hours of sitting, activity, & location. In cases where the expenses are for attendance at a meeting or for union work done on behalf of the region, these details should be included on the claim form itself.


1.4 All expenses being reimbursed must be for activities in the BC/YT Region and on behalf of the BC/YT Region with the exception of activities pre-approved by the NVP BC/YT Region and the Regional Executive Council for activities outside the region.


1.5 Where delegates are already funded to attend conferences, conventions or training, non-funded members may still apply to the CEIU BC/YT region subject to the approval of the Conferences, Conventions & Training Committee, in consultation with the Finance Committee and the approval of the BC/YT National Vice-President. Maximum funding up to $3000.


1.6 Where a requested activity may be eligible for funding but is denied by the NVP or the appropriate committee for reasons other than non-eligibility due to policy, the member may appeal to the Regional Executive Council. This appeal must be received within 10 working days of the receipt of the denial.


1.7 In the event that a request for financial approval does not fit into a budgeted line item, the expenses may be paid with prior approval from the NVP & in consultation with the Finance Committee


1.8   If a request does not meet the standards set out in the CEIU BC/YT policies, the NVP will deny the request without taking it to the appropriate committee or to the Regional Executive Council. He/she will do so in writing to the applicant. There will be no appeal for funding requests that are contrary to CEIU BC/YT policies.


 1.9 Budgeted line items approved by the Regional Executive Council and the Presidents Conference members will be reimbursed as follows:


(a) Presidents Conference : All travel, accommodation, per diems, attendance fees, actual wage loss when requested, dependent care expenses, & parking will be paid as per BC/YT Regional rates for all delegates. Accommodations for the members travelling less then and including 20 km to the venue where the Presidents Conference will be held shall not be paid for by the region.


(b) Regional Executive Meetings : All travel, accommodation, per diems, attendance fees, actual wage loss when requested, dependent care expenses, & parking will be paid as per CEIU National rates for all delegates.


(c) Regional Women’s Committee : The Chairperson and her committee members will be responsible for how their yearly budget is spent and for ensuring that the claims are in accordance with the BC/YT Regional Guidelines.


(d) Group Training : When a training event is planned it must be pre-approved by the NVP and the Training Committee after consultation with the finance committee. Expenses will be reimbursed for travel, accommodation, per diems, actual wage loss when requested, dependent care, parking, registration fees where appropriate. Materials and supplies as needed.


(e) Members who wish to attend training, conferences, or conventions may apply for regional funding by submitting an application form to the Conferences, Conventions and Training (CCT) Committee who will provide a recommendation to the NVP BC/YT.  As part of their application, members must provide an explanation on how their attendance at an event will enhance his/her ability to serve the members of CEIU and assist in their development within the labour movement.


(f) NVP Expense: The NVP line item will be used if/when the NVP national budget has been exhausted. This line item will be used for NVP travel and loss of salary within the region.


(g) A/NVP Expenses :

(1) The BC/YT Region will budget a yearly amount for the A/NVP to attend events that he/she is attending on behalf of BC/YT members

(2) When he/she is NOT acting on behalf of the NVP. Any expenses incurred while the A/NVP is acting on behalf of the NVP must be reimbursed from the NVP National budget unless prior arrangements are made with the NVP and the finance committee.

(3) All activities reimbursed from the A/NVP budget must occur within the BC/YT Region.

(4) When the A/NVP is a member of a regional committee that is being reimbursed for expenses from regional funds, the A/NVP will be reimbursed in the same manner as other participants from the appropriate budget line and not from the A/NVP budget


(h) Health & Safety Expense:

(1) Committee members will be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of CEIU BC/YT members for work/activities within the BC/YT Region only where the expense is NOT being paid by the employer

(2) Committee members will not be reimbursed for work/activities that are being paid for by PSAC in full

(3) Committee members will be reimbursed as per BC/YT Regional guidelines


(i) District Expenses:

A District line will be created in the yearly budget that will be accessible to all District Directors for expenses needed to run their district. All funds for district meetings will be taken from this line. At least one district meeting will be held each fiscal year with all Presidents/Alternates as well as the District Women’s Coordinator. Meetings may be held in conjunction with a President’s Conference.

(1) Travel expenses will be reimbursed as per CEIU BC/YT guidelines

(2) Attendance at meetings and other activities outside of any committee activities on behalf of members of his/her district, as per financial guidelines

(3) District meetings budgets must be pre-approved by the NVP in consultation with the Finance Committee

(4) Wherever possible district meetings will be held on a non-working day


(j) HRRR Expenses:

A yearly amount will be provided for activities that fall under the Human Rights category.


(k) Computer Loans:

Loans up to $1000 maximum may be approved for purchasing computer equipment and/or programs for the use of an individual member who is designated by his/her local as the communication person for the local and for members of the Regional Executive Council.

(1) Members applying for loans must provide a letter from their local stating that he/she will be the communications contact for that local

(2) Members applying for the loan must provide a cost estimate for the requested purchase prior to approval

(3) CEIU BC/YT Region will grant a loan of the anticipated cost for the computer and related equipment or programs only.

(4) Members approved for the loan must sign a promissory note agreeing to repay the loan over a 12 month period, prior to receiving the loan

(5) Members receiving the loan will normally be required to provide 12 post-dated checks in equal amounts to cover the repayment of the loan

(6) Members who default on the loan will be required to repay the loan in full or to return the computer equipment or programs to the region for the use of another member

(7) Members who default on a loan will not be reimbursed for any expense for work done on behalf of BC/YT Region until all the funds are recovered. Expenses for which the member is normally entitled will be taken from the balance of the loan until it is paid in full


(l) BC Fed and Yukon Federation of Labour Conventions

(1) Expenses will be paid for one or more members of each district to attend BC Fed or the Yukon Federation of Labour per the Regulation.

(2) Prior approval must be given before any member will be reimbursed expenses for attendance at these functions

(3) Members wishing to attend must submit a written request to the NVP at least 30 days prior to the start of the BC Fed and Yukon Fed

(4) Members requesting financial assistance must show in writing how his/her attendance will assist his/her district/region and be prepared to report to the locals in his/her district or to the region when asked.

(5) Where more than one member from a district requests assistance, the District Director will make the recommendation to the NVP as to which member should attend with financial assistance from the region. Where a District Director has applied in addition to other members, the Conferences, Conventions & Training Committee and the NVP shall make a decision as to which members shall attend with financial assistance from the region.

(6) Late applications will NOT be considered


(m) Ad Hoc Line

The BC/YT Region will budget yearly for a line to fund any committee or activities that may be approved by the NVP or REC as the need arises that are not already covered in the yearly budget. Expenses will be reimbursed as per CEIU BC/YT Regional guidelines


(n) Administration:

The Region will budget for administration expenses including:

(1) Ongoing financial record keeping

(2) Preparing budgets and reports

(3) Independent Accountant fees

(4) Yearly Audit Fees

(5) Insurance as necessary

(6) Travel & other expenses for finance committee members as per CEIU Regional Guidelines for work/activities pre- approved by the NVP


(o) Communications:

The Region will budget for the following:

(1) Monthly internet fees equivalent to the amount set by CEIU National for each member of the REC, alternate District Directors, or for committee members pre-approved by the NVP

(2) Cost and set-up & maintenance of CEIU BC/YT web site

(3) Yearly costs of CEIU BC/YT web site fees


1 - Travel

  • Ground Kls. As per Treasury Board guidelines

  • Receipted costs of taxis, bus, train, ferries & parking

  • Air Cost – cost of ticket 2 weeks prior to departure

  • In lieu of Air –Pay actual cost of kilometre rate x mileage, including the cost of getting to and from airports if member had been flying, and costs of parking at airport if member had been flying; Paid to a maximum of a 2 week advance air ticket purchase, whichever is less


2 - Attendance Fees

  • Normal working day = $200 (Five or more hours)
  • Normal working day = $100 (Three to four hours)
  • Normal working day = $50 (Up to two hours)

When a committee member is working on an ongoing tasks, he/she may bank blocks of working hours of two hours or more under the appropriate category and submit with total hours worked to be reimbursed. A written list of days and hours worked must accompany the claim as well as an explanation of what the work/activities were for.

Note: All attendance fees are taxable and T4’s will be given at year end for all attendance fees


3 - Per Diem

Will be paid as per CEIU National Policies. This is treasury board rates on working days. Currently this is $17.30 for incidentals, 17.15 breakfast, 18.05 lunch, 45.95 dinner and days of rest will be paid at a rate of $150.00 per day.


4 - Dependent Care

Will be paid as per CEIU National Policies


5 - Honorariums

Honorariums will be paid to each member of the Regional Executive Council in the amount of $400 per year and each alternate will be paid $200. Payments will be paid in two installments

6 - Personal Expenditures

No expenditures of a personal nature be expensed to the region.


7 - Points Cards


Points earned on the regional credit card  will be used to benefit the members of BC/YT, for union business.


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