Regional Committees - Finance, Bylaws, Osh, CCT


BY-LAWS COMMITTEE (Chair - Vacant)

Members of this committee are responsible for reviewing the current By-laws for possible changes and making recommendations to a President Conference for any changes.

They are also responsible for making recommendations for new regulations or changes to current ones. As well, the region has policies that need reviewing from time to time and recommending changes to the Regional Executive Council.

The committee meets when required and can meet prior to a President Conference if required.

Specifically I would like the committee to review the current By-laws and Regulations on the website and make any corrections or recommendations for new or changed By-laws, Regulations and Policies to the appropriate body.

Committee Members for the 2017-2020 Term: 

Patricia Martin

Stephen Klaver

Rina Calendino

Anik Lariviere



FINANCE COMMITTEE (Chair - Christine Walker)

This committee reviews the revenue, makes recommendations to the REC on specific line items for the budget. Members also make recommendations for Financial Policies to ensure the region runs smoothly. Members of this committee designate one person who writes all of the cheques to pay any claims, does all of the banking, keeps records of all expenses, works with the auditor to provide information required for the audits, and submits reports to the national office. The committee meets when required either in person or by telephone.

Committee Members for the 2017-2020 Term: 

Sargy Chima

James Brierley

Nikki McVey 


Conferences, Conventions & Training (Chair - Aaron Chang)

The responsibility of Conferences, Conventions and Training (CCT) committee is to develop and update as required an application form for funding requests, as well as to evaluate funding applications, in consultation with the Finance Committee, and provide a recommendation to the NVP.

The mandate of this committee is to assist members who are seeking to expand their knowledge and further their labour education by attending conferences, conventions or training opportunities. The CCT committee is often the largest revenue source for members of CEIU BC/YT, and with this consideration in mind, the committee will endeavor to provide financial assistant where and when possible within the regional annual budget allocated for training.

Committee Members for the 2017-2020 Term: 

Aaron Chang

Trish Martin

Anjali Chawla

Nicole Pottle

Jeanne Olineck


OHS Committee (Chair - Vacant)

The responsibility of this committee is to conduct and evaluate a survey of the membership’s training needs with regards to OHS and develop an action plan to meet those needs during this term. They are also responsible for staying current on the Canada Labour Code Part II, as well as changes to the National Joint Council on OSH policy. Members of this committee may be called upon to assist with members in the BC/YT region wishing to receive advice on OHS committees/information.

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