Regional Executive Council (REC)

National Vice-President (Chair of the REC): 
Vanessa Miller                                       

Alt National Vice-President (REC):
Stephen Klaver                                              

Regional Women's Chair (REC)
Tracie Komarniski                                         

Alt Women's Issues Chair:
Sharon Thompson                              

Young Worker Chair (REC):
Tammie Cartwright                                

Alt Young Worker Chair:
James Brierley                                         

Immigration Chair (REC):
Aaron Chang                                      

Alt Immigration Chair:
Leslye Brown                                                  

HRRR Chair (REC):
Aly Kanani                                                     

Alt HRRR Chair: Vacant

METRO VANCOUVER: 20901 20937 20938 20939 20944 20949 20951 20961 20974

District Coordinator (REC):
Rod Cunningham                                        

District Coordinator (REC):
Shawn Ewing                                                 

Alt District CoordinatorSargy Chima     
Alt District Coordinator: Steve Claxton away         

District Women's Coordinator: Kelly Megyesi

Alt Women's Coordinator: Joanne Chevalier

FRASER VALLEY: 20903 20910 20943 20960 20964

District Coordinator (REC):
Bob Dyal                                                         

Alt District Coordinator:  Vacant

District Women's Coordinator: Susie Blythe

Alt Women's Coordinator:
Tammie Cartwright                        

NORTH: 20921 20922 20925 20926 20928 20956

District Coordinator (REC):
Nikki McVey                                                   

Alt District Coordinator: Nicole Pottle             

District Women's Coordinator: Sharon Thompson

Alt Women's Coordinator: Nicole Pottle            

THOMPSON/OKANAGAN/KOOTENAYS: 20914 20915 20917 20918 20972

District Coordinator (REC):
Jeanne Olineck                                            

Alt District Coordinator: Anik Lariviere          

District Women's Coordinator: Tracie Komarniski

Alt Women's Co-ordinator: Elaine Parker               

VANCOUVER ISLAND: 20912 20941 20947 20963 20975

District Coordinator (REC):
Trish Martin                                                                  

1st Alt District Coordinator: Kirsty Allen         
2nd Alt District Coordinator: Deb Foster         

District Women's Co-ordinator: Shannon Brierley     

Alt Women's Coordinator: Deb Foster             




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