Human Rights Race Relations Committee


BC/YT HRRR Committee (Chair - Aly Kanani)


The Regional HRRR committee champions human rights and race relations for all members. Their mandate is to empower our members through education, awareness, promotion, & advocacy on issues related to HRRR. They are responsible for identifying and engaging members on HRRR concerns, to promote and foster a positive and safe environment, and to lobby the union, employer and government at all levels on HRRR issues.


Committee Members for the 2017-2020 Term and their respective portfolio: 

Aly Kanani - LGBTQ+

Stephen Klaver - Members with Disabilities/ Access

Nia Gillies - LGBTQ+

Deb Foster - First Nations/Aboriginal 

Leslye Brown - Members with Disabilities/ Access

Samina Anwar - Racially Visible

Shawn Ewing - LGBTQ+


The CEIU BCYT Human Rights and Race Relations Committee met in Victoria from October 22-23 2017. With the news that Josh Miller had decided to pursue a new and exciting career and has left CEIU, Stephen Klaver was appointed to the committee representing the Members with Disabilities/ Access Equity group. We will miss his input but wish him all the best in the future. 

The committee meetings were extremely productive, and we are excited about several initiatives that are coming together. Soon, the committee will have developed short presentations and reference material for local engagement and education, with new presentations being created and added regularly. Sub-committees were also created to handle finances and to update the Terms of Reference of the committee. We discussed strategic planning, a new HRRR logo, social justice, gender pronouns, and the report of NVP - HR/RR Sebastian Rodriguez to the National Executive was presented. It was a very full agenda and we are all excited to see what 2018 brings us.


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